New York State Grade 8 Intermediate-Level Social Studies Test Description


In the Spring of 2001, New York State will introduce an Intermediate-Level Social Studies Test for 8th graders. This test will serve as an early indicator to determine if students are meeting the five intermediate-level social studies standards.

It is comprised of two test booklets and students have 11/2 hours to complete each booklet. The first booklet includes 45 multiple-choice (worth 50%) and 3-4 constructed-response questions (worth 20%). The second booklet includes the document-based question (worth 30%). 

Social Studies Grade 8 Review

Following are links to online quizzes to help our MW 8th graders review for the Grade 8 Intermediate -Level Social Studies Test. Each quiz link below consists of 10 questions. If possible, all 5 quizzes in a series should be completed at the same sitting.

To complete a review, please click on a link below, read the question and choose your answer by clicking to the left of your choice. When you're done with all 10 questions, click on the submit button and wait for your results. If you don't score well on a section, please go back and complete the quiz again after reviewing your incorrect answers on your score sheet.

Mr. Maruszewski's Class:

After completing each quiz, please print out your score sheet and show it to Mr. Maruszewski for extra credit.

Good Luck!

Series 1
Series 2
Series 3
Series 4
Series 5 Series 6 Series 7 Series 8
Quiz 1a
Quiz 2a
Quiz 3a
Quiz 4a
Quiz 5a
Quiz 6a Quiz 7a Quiz 8a
Quiz 1b
Quiz 2b
Quiz 3b
Quiz 4b
Quiz 5b
Quiz 6b Quiz 7b Quiz 8b
Quiz 1c
Quiz 2c
Quiz 3c
Quiz 4c
Quiz 5c
Quiz 6c Quiz 7c Quiz 8c
Quiz 1d
Quiz 2d
Quiz 3d
Quiz 4d
Quiz 5d
Quiz 6d Quiz 7d Quiz 8d
Quiz 1e
Quiz 2e
Quiz 3e
Quiz 4e
Quiz 5e
Quiz 6e Quiz 7e Quiz 8e



Another helpful link with more quiz questions: 

For additional information and review questions, please go to the New York State Regents Exam Prep Center by clicking here

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