Middle School


Beth Thorpe, Department Chair Grades 7 & 8

The science program for the Middle School introduces 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to a great variety of science-related studies that will prepare them for the New York State Grade 8 Science Assessment. 

The program offers all students the opportunity to explore, learn, and extend their understandings in the biological, earth, environmental, and physical-related sciences.  Students will use modern research equipment for observation, measurement, data collection and storage, and problem solving tasks.  During each year at the Middle School, students will learn and practice various “sciencing skills” when completing the different activities associated with specific science topics.  Students’ use of these skills and their application will be evaluated individually and will become a portion of each student’s final science examination grade. A multitude of different activities that correlate with selected grade level science topics will be utilized to challenge all students.

Grade 6

In the 6th grade, Middle School students will have opportunities to become familiar with various pieces of equipment that will be utilized in the 7th and 8th Science programs.  Meaningful laboratory activities will provide the vehicle for students to practice the appropriate skills necessary to use the equipment, record their observations, and later create a visual display of the data and their understandings.  Various topical studies relating to the earth’s three environmental spheres are also included in the 6th grade portion of the 6-8 Middle School science program.

Major 6th grade science topics include:

  • Scientific Method
  • Writing Laboratory Reports
  • Measurement Skills & Equipment
  • Data Collection, Chart & Graph Displays
  • Human Body Organs & Systems
  • Ecology
  • Land Forms
  • Solar Energy 

Grade 7

In the 7th grade, students will apply their science understandings and measurement skills learned in grade 6 to a variety of topics dealing with the life and physical sciences.  Major 7th grade science topics include:

  • Life processes
  • Photosynthesis
  • Cells & Microscopes
  • Classification
  • Interaction of Living Organism Systems
  • Cycles in Nature
  • Matter
  • Atomic Structure
  • Periodic Table
  • Mixtures and Solutions
  • Compounds
  • Science/ELA Research Paper

Grade 8

In the 8th grade science program, students will apply the science understandings and skills learned in grades 7 and 8 to a variety of topics dealing with the earth and physical sciences.  The 8th grade science program will culminate with all students completing the New York State Science Assessment. 

Major 8th grade science topics include:

  • Planetary Motions
  • Geologic Forces
  • Energy (waves, heat, light, magnetism, electricity)
  • Motion
  • Work & Machines

Students identified through a matrix of science, math, and placement test scores may qualify to participate in the 8th grade accelerated science program.  Students participating in this program will complete one of two high school courses, Earth Science, The Physical Environment or Biology, The Living Environment. Upon successful completion of the course and final examination, (NYS Regents exam) students will be awarded one NYS Regents credit on their high school transcripts. As a student enters the High School, various science courses will be available.  Those 8th graders who participated in accelerated science at the middle school, will be evaluated for enrollment in the science honors program at the high school. Students who completed the Science 8 course will be enrolled in the NYS Earth Science, the Physical Setting, Regents course.