High School Counseling Department

10 Ways School Counselors Help Students Everyday:

  1. Facilitating relationships between students, teachers, parents and administrators.
  2. Supporting the individual needs of each student.
  3. Assisting students in selecting courses that align with graduation requirements educational/career goals, teacher recommendations and parental approval.
  4. College application process and scholarship information.
  5. Career education through classroom activities and individual guidance meetings.
  6. Post-high school planning and transition planning.
  7. Counseling for decision-making, goal setting and academic success.
  8. As part of a team in both 504 and Committee on Special Education meetings.
  9. Counseling in family and peer relationships.
  10. Counseling students with personal/social problems.

Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors!

It’s time to create the 2017-2018 schedule! Please check out Mr. William’s scheduling video to help you select your electives at home. Starting in January, you will meet with your school counselor to review your chosen electives plus the core classes that will be requested.

Selecting electives for next school year

Guidance Events

calendar of guidance events for the 2016-17 year


Music Boosters Scholarship Application deadline is March 17.

Souza Performing Arts Scholarship Application deadline is March 31.

Seniors – the 2016-17 Common Scholarship Application deadline is March 1!
The Common Scholarship Application lists local organizations sponsoring college scholarships along with instructions and application details.