High School Counseling Department


2017 Summer School Information and Registration


calendar of guidance events for the 2016-17 year

10 Ways School Counselors Help Students Everyday:

  1. Facilitating relationships between students, teachers, parents and administrators.
  2. Supporting the individual needs of each student.
  3. Assisting students in selecting courses that align with graduation requirements educational/career goals, teacher recommendations and parental approval.
  4. College application process and scholarship information.
  5. Career education through classroom activities and individual guidance meetings.
  6. Post-high school planning and transition planning.
  7. Counseling for decision-making, goal setting and academic success.
  8. As part of a team in both 504 and Committee on Special Education meetings.
  9. Counseling in family and peer relationships.
  10. Counseling students with personal/social problems.